In 2011, It became mandatory for those Independent Ambulance Services providing Ambulance Transport Services to become Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Sharp Medical Services are in the throes of the CQC Application Process and aim to become a Regulated Provider in the near future.  In the meantime, we work closely with our network of trusted and vetted industry partners.  Any requests for Ambulance Transport Services are passed to the most appropriate of these providers based on the requirements of the journey and the passengers. Once our registration with the Care Quality Commission is complete, we will be able to provide:

Patient Transport Services

Including Outpatient Appointments, Hospital Discharges and Routine Admissions on behalf of Private Individuals, Local and National Organisations, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Trusts.

High Dependency Transport Services (HDU)

Usually between hospitals or specialist units where a higher level of clinical skill is required to ensure a safe and effective transfer.

Intensive Care Transport Services (ICU)

Between specialist ICU Units using Paramedic or Technician Led Crews and Emergency Drivers, usually working with Doctor and Nursing Teams to enhance the level of care provided.  

Neonatal or Paediatric Services

Transporting Babies and Children in Specialist Transport Incubators or using Specialist Paediatric Equipment.

Long Distance (and International) Repatriations

It’s stressful when you or a loved one becomes unwell or injured far away from home, away from the familiarity of your local surroundings.  We work with our industry partners to ensure a swift, safe and effective journey home.

Aeromedical (Road) Transport​

We have good access to the Ports and Airports of the South and South East, Supporting Insurance and Assistance Companies in providing transport between hospitals (and private addresses) and connecting Air Ambulance and Commercial Flights and Ferries.

Social Care Transport Services

From Nursing Home Admissions and Clearance, to Respite and Appointment Transport, We’re able to assist you in providing safe, dignified and high quality transport services to elderly or disabled service users.

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