Sharp Medical Services is a patient centred independent ambulance service, promoting choice, dignity and respect, alongside the mainstays of safety and comfort, operating as a high quality ambulance service across The South and Further Afield.

Our team of medical professionals are supported with a fleet of modern, well equipped ambulance vehicles and robust clinical and procedural governance systems, to ensure they are always operating to the highest possible standards for our existing clients, including NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Private Organisations and Individuals.

In 2011, It became mandatory for those Independent Ambulance Services providing Ambulance Transport Services to become Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Sharp Medical Services are a Care Quality Commission (CQC) Registered and Regulated Provider of Ambulance Transport Services. 

We’re able to provide:

Non Emergency
Patient Transport Services

We regularly provide transport for individuals who are unable to access public transport due to their medical conditions, this includes transport to and from GP or Hospital Outpatient Appointments,  Family & Social Gatherings, Hospital Discharges, Respite Centres, Routine Admissions and more.

High Dependency
Ambulance Transport Services

Usually between hospitals or specialist units where a higher level of clinical knowledge is required to ensure a safe and effective transfer.  Provided using either a Dedicated High Dependency or Emergency Ambulance staffed with Ambulance Clinicians (Paramedics, Nurses or Technicians) as required.

Ambulance Services Sharp Medical Services
Intensive Care / Critical Care
Ambulance Transport Services

We offer transfers between specialist ICU or Critical Care Units using our Paramedic or Ambulance Technician Led ICU Ambulance Crews and Experienced Emergency (Blue Light) Drivers, usually working alongside Specialist Doctor and Nursing Teams from the Hospital to enhance the level of care provided.

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Neonatal or Paediatric Specialist
Ambulance Transport Services

Transporting Infants and Children in Specialist Transport Incubators or using Specialist Paediatric Equipment.  Our team are specifically trained in managing Ambulance Transport for children in a whole range of settings. We also have Paediatric Nurses available for these specialist requirements.

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Long Distance Repatriations
(UK and International)

It’s stressful when you or a loved one becomes unwell or injured far away from home, away from the familiarity of your local surroundings.  We work closely with you to ensure a swift, safe and effective journey home.  We’re able to operate within the UK and Mainland Europe.

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Aeromedical (Road)

We have great access to the Ports and Airports of the South and South East, Supporting Insurance and Assistance Companies in providing transport between
hospitals (and private addresses) and connecting Air Ambulance and Commercial Flights and Ferries

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Social Care
Transport Services

From Nursing Home Admissions, to Respite and Appointment Transport, We’re able to assist you in providing safe, dignified and high quality transport services to elderly or disabled service users.  Using appropriate vehicles and skilled crews to ensure the most comfortable and dignified journeys.

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Specialist and Resilience
Inclement Weather or Rough Terrain

Come Rain, Wind, Snow or Uneven Terrain, We’re able to assist, with our 4 Wheel Drive Ambulances, Response Vehicles and Specialist All Terrain Vehicles, we can move you Specialist Team, Staff, Patients and get vital supplies and equipment where they’re needed, in the worst of conditions.

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