Event Welfare

Each year, indoor and outdoor events attract hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. For most people, these events are the highlight of their year and they have an awesome time.

Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan and people find themselves needing a little extra help and support to get back on track. Sharp Medical Services’ Welfare Team provides caring, confidential support to anyone who needs it. We aim to show all service users kindness, respect and empathy. Event Welfare Services are a growing addition to many events across the world. It gives event organisers a more diverse array of cover and support for their visitors and participants.


Our welfare service will play a vital role in making sure all event and festival goers are supported sufficiently and have a safety net in times of crisis. We realise that not everyones experience at an event or festival will go to plan, so we are able to provide a service help these people and make sure they have the right support they need.

Although Event Medical and Security Teams traditionally carried out many of the services that Event Welfare now provides, they do not always carry the training and experience to safely and suitably manage a “Welfare” Situation. These situations often get rushed or fall by the wayside when there are more urgent medical cases for them to be dealing with.

Event Welfare therefore relieves that pressure and more-over gives a much more focused and dedicated service to any service users requiring non medical support.

We provide a sensible, best practice, yet cost effective approach to the following services:
Sweeper Bus for larger events.​
Area/Rendezvous Point for Lost and Found Children and Vulnerable Adults.​
Lost Property Services.
Event / Community Information and Advice.
Health Promotion and Advice.​
Crisis Intervention.
General Site and Event Information.​
Drug and Alcohol Support.​
Support for Vulnerable Adults.
Support for Victims of Crime / Fire.
Liaison with On Site Services.
Onward referrals to outside agencies.
Shelter, Rest and Monitoring for Intoxicated Persons.
Provision of Essential Supplies - e.g. Blankets, Water, Sun Cream, Sanitory Products (Additional charges may be levied).
Relevant information is recorded and statistics are provided to Event Organisers.
Support for Mothers with Small Children, such as Baby Changing, or Private Feeding Areas.

We are not affiliated to any religious group or political party. We are totally neutral. Our role is to work closely with other teams on site, providing emotional and practical support to those in need of it.

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