Fleet & Resources

We’ve invested in a high quality, modern fleet and equipment, to help keep the quality of the services we provide, consistently high.

Emergency Ambulances

Equipped to Paramedic Standard, in line with the NHS Trust Standard for Emergency Ambulances.  Our vehicles are also fitted with 240v Mains Inverters, Piped Oxygen and Climate Control Systems.

Non Emergency Ambulances

Equipped to a High Standard, in line with the NHS Trust Standard for Non Emergency Ambulances.  These vehicles are designed to offer enhanced comfort and dignity in transit.

4 x 4 Ambulances

These are Stretcher Capable 4×4’s designed to reach, treat and recover patients in hard to reach locations.  Ideal for event work, accessing Off Road Motorsport or Equestrian Type Events as a primary response.

Rapid Response Vehicles

In Getting to an Emergency Situation Quickly, or Transferring Vital Blood, or Donated Organs, Time is of the essence.  Our Rapid Response Vehicles are equipped to an extremely high standard and are operated by our Emergency Driving Qualified Ambulance Clinicians.

All Terrain Vehicles

We have a range of All Terrain Vehicles, which can be used to access ill or injured individuals at events, where it may not be possible, or appropriate to get a 4×4 or full ambulance to them quickly.

Cycle Response Units

Sometimes pedal power is the most appropriate method of response, especially in areas of limited road access, or higher population density.  Our Cycle Responders are equipped to handle a wide variety of emergency situations, with the ability to treat and discharge, or stabilise a patient until an Ambulance arrives.

First Aid Points

Smaller events often require a static point, easily accessible, for the provision of First Aid on site.  This can be an Ambulance, a room in a building, or a temporary structure. We’re flexible to the needs and capabilities of our event clients and offer our resources as required. In addition to our ambulances, we can also offer our Inflatable (AirShelta) First Aid Point, or Pop-Up Style Temporary Structures, Fully equipped to handle the wide range of Medical Incidents expected at a smaller event.  We even provide lighting and heating, if the conditions dictate.

Medical Centres

Larger events call for a larger static point.  Usually provided within a structure arranged by event organisers, a Medical Centre (rather than a First Aid Point) is usually led by a Senior Clinician, such as a Doctor and is equipped (and staffed) to handle a much wider range of medical conditions and incidents on site (rather than basic first aid).  These facilities have been likened (by Hospital Clinicians) to their Emergency Departments (in a Field).


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