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As an highly experienced Emergency Medical Team, we’re able to provide a whole host of additional features and services, which can be used either in isolation, or as part of a wider contractual or ad-hoc commitment:


Our Fleet of Ambulances, 4×4 Vehicles, Support Units and Bulk Logistics Carriers can be brought in to assist Local Government Organisations, Communities, Hospital and Ambulance Trusts and Private Organisations during times of inclement weather, or other Civil Emergency. 

Assisting with such tasks as Moving Vital Supplies, Accessing Vulnerable People, Moving Medical Professionals to where they’re needed most and more.  

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EVENT DISPATCH / Command and Control

Our Communications and Dispatch Team consists of Qualified and Experienced Emergency Service (Fire and Ambulance) Dispatchers, Making them ideal candidates for Managing the Control Functions at Your Event. 

From a Basic Call-Centre to a Wide Reaching Communication System, we and our Technical Partners work together to provide a seamless service. 

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Blood, Sample and Human Tissue Movements

Using our team of Qualified Emergency Drivers and Ambulance (and Fire) Response Units, we’re able to move Blood, Samples and Donated Organs anywhere in the UK, Safely and Efficiently.  

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Our teams worked tirelessly moving Covid-19 Tests between testing centres all over the country to laboratories for processing.

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First Aid, Health and Safety and Ambulance Service Training

From a First Aid At Work Qualification, to Emergency Driving and Ambulance Clinician Pathways, Working with our Industry Partners, we’re able to advise and arrange a full range of both bespoke and nationally recognised training packages both at our own training venues, or at an appropriate location of your choosing.  

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Fire and Rescue Service

Sharp Medical Services is part of Sharp-Fire and Rescue Ltd, an Independent Fire and Rescue Service.  We’re able to provide FIRE Response, Fire Safety and Firefighting Equipment Support to Events, Commercial Premises and More.  

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More information can be found at www.sharpfireandsafety.com

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